Storage Systems range of platform trucks Storage Systems range of cargo trucks Storage Systems range of pallet trucks Storage Systems range of rolcontainers

Whatever your truck or trolley requirement Storage Systems has the perfect solution from sack trucks and dollies to security trucks and tray trolleys.

Available for fast delivery throughout Gloucestershire, our wide range of trucks and trolleys include:
  • Sack trucks
  • Platform trucks
  • Platform trolleys
  • Tray trolleys
  • Shelf & service trolleys
  • Wire trolleys
  • Pallet trucks
  • Distribution trucks
  • Turntable trucks
  • Cash & carry trolleys
  • Dollies
  • Stainless steel, galvanised & aluminium trolleys
  • Order picking trolleys
  • Balanced trucks
  • Security trolleys
  • Wheelbarrows
  • & when all other options don't quite fit the bill - we have a range of specialised trolleys and trucks too.
To find out more about our wide range of trolleys and trucks please call us on 01452 862858 or email us at
COMING SOON - Our on-line catalogue lists our complete range for online ordering.  We'll be writing to you soon to let you know this great new facility is available.